SOULcare & YOGAshala is a space where you feel at home. A place where you come to feel safe, cared for, pampered, and where you can cultivate both your inner Self as well as your sense of community.

100% aligned with Feng Shui principles, SOULcare & YOGAshala has been carefully created with YOU and your well being in mind. Beginning with the beautiful Yoga studio (equipped with a changing room as well as a shower) SOULcare & YOGAshala also offers therapy rooms, a consultation office, and a communal space – all in a cozy and inviting boutique style setting.

SOULcare & YOGAshala knows that you, your needs, your path and your practice are unique. Keeping this it in mind, SOULcare & YOGAshala’ s goal is to provide you with tailor made experiences focused on assisting you in staying connected to your inner strength and true to your intentions.

Margaret Rosania

Integrative Medicine Director . Founder

Margaret has immersed herself in the field of Alternative Health and Holistic Well Being. Therapies for the past 20 years. She studied Yoga in India and Astrology in Venezuela. She received her certification in Bach Flower Remedies in England and completed her Traditional Chinese Medicine training, Aromatherapy studies, Integrative Health Coaching and Peristeam Facilitation in the United States. She has supported people from around the world in their process of healing physical and emotional ailments, thereby creating balanced, grounded, and healthy lives. In 2018, she founded Siendo art of BEING in Lisbon, Portugal.

Cauhe Motta

Feng Shui Architect . Co-Founder

Cauhe is an architect, yoga practitioner and Feng Shui specialist. These three characteristics defines him to a great extent.
He graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenziein São Paulo in 2008. At the same time he was diving and deepening into the studies and practices of the recently discovered world of Yoga. In the two years that followed, he ventured into training and travels of self-knowledge through the United States, Europe, and India. Yoga and Architecture walked in parallel for a long time, jet the uneasiness in joining these worlds pulsed within him. Finding Feng Shui was the answer to that. It was the subtle side of architecture he was looking for, as well as the way to bring to the clients’ projects the same contentment and depth that he experienced with his Yoga students.

Tosca Augustin

Commercial . Partner

After having worked for three years in a law firm in Sao Paulo, Tosca gained the clarity that the fast-paced lawyer-lifestyle was not a sustainable one for her any longer. She took a few months to re-connect with herself. This beautiful inner journey helped her to unravel her true interests & strengths. After having spent seven days in a retreat with Margaret, an entirely new direction revealed itself to her pointing all the fingers at Siendo and to join Margaret on her quest of helping people to experience a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing. Ever since then Tosca has been the administrative backbone of Siendo. She has made it her mission to educate and promote wellbeing. With her warm engaging smile and her readiness to listen to the needs of everyone who crosses the doors of Siendo, she has brought many a soul on the journey of self-care.


Balanced on three pillars: self education, self care and self expression, siendo offers a path to awaken awareness and ignite inner growth. Margaret’s intuition, wisdom and guidance will accompany you as you design a blueprint to construct a balanced life, grounded in the the sum of present moments.

We wholly embrace this journey with you.  Each individualized process blends a variety of transformational tools. Depending on your life situation and your personal goals you will be guided to chose from an array of skillful professionals, a variety of therapies, tailor made experiences and a holistic products, all selected with YOU in mind.

SELF education is the seed of the awareness that you desire to be responsible for everything that constitutes your life and free yourself from the constraints of limited beliefs. SELF education/awareness leads to self care. It is the realization of your personal responsibility for the quality of your life and your willingness to choose to free yourself from the beliefs that limit and constrain you. Self education/awareness is a path that awakens curiosity, acknowledges the need to transform and empowers you to act.

Self care enables self expression. It strengthens the ability to choose the experiences you need need at a specific moment and wholly accept them. Self care fine tunes your discernment, revealing your self worth, and making you a priority.

SELF expression is the manifestation of self love.  It is the openness to give, to share and to act to contribute to the constant process of creation. Self expression fortifies you, allows you to embrace others, and connects you to the world through divine compassion.

Our Pillars

When we decide to walk the path which will lead us to discover our life purpose, we attune ourselves to Universal Love. As this Love vibrates it guides us to the experiences and choices we need for our spiritual evolution. Tuning into this vibration inspires our souls and leads us to achieve our highest potential. It becomes the compass of our daily life.

The image of the conch is associated with courage, strength and spiritual awakening and represents this vibration. It is one of the oldest symbols for infinity. For us at Siendo, the conch is an inspirational call for unity and soul-fulfillment. Our purpose is to engage the elements of nature to allow us to empower and support others on their spiritual path.

Fulfilling this purpose IS, to US, the art of  Being.