Siendo Retreats

Siendo retreats provide the space and time for us to share our love for yoga and longing for vibrant health. Our retreats have the intention to set the time in our calendars to prioritise our “me” time in order to maintain equilibrium among our life roles and thrive to purify our vital energy. At this retreat you willsurrender to the present experience, you will notice how and why yoga opens new channels of communication providing the righteous self-knowledge towards our unique human evolution.

Siendo’s retreats are an invitation to pause . connect . rewire.

Upcoming Retreat 

LOVE & LIFE yoga Retreat | October 1-8, 2022 | Mykonos Greece

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Siendo Events


The eternal longing for belonging takes us to seek for company as we journey and live a multiplicity of experiences. Little do we know that the spiritual path we embrace here on earth, has only one purpose: to be a righteous human. This is the ONE experience we are here to live, this is the ONE experience we are here to master. Therefore listen to your mind, feel your emotions, and observe your actions, for they become your road, and your every day company. When aligned, these three companions become THE direction you will walk in.

Monthly Breathwork Session | 18-20hrs
with Margaret Rosania

Upcoming session : September 21st, 2022

To understand anything non-physical, one needs a certain level of creativity and imagination. Frequencies are hard to see but easy to feel.

Margaret Rosania, Integrative Health Coach will guide a session where, with your active breath, selected essential oils and sound design curated music, you will elevate to a transcendental meditative state in a safe and relaxing environment.

Breathwork has the ability to take us to a trans state where the burnout state of mind, the overthinking and over mental stimuli is triggered to relax and dissolve any neuro blockages.

Yoni Steaming Circle | steam . share . sing | 18-19:30hrs
with Margaret Rosania, Mar Michelle

Upcoming session : September 19th, 2022

Women have worshiped the moon, their womb, their cycle and the sacred force of the feminine for centuries. We have created this session with  the intention to cultivate self love and nourish the sense of sisterhood  through the ancient practice of vaginal steaming, open-taboo less communication and rejoicing with the power of our voice.

Margaret, siendo founder, vaginal steaming facilitator and comsobiologist will guide us on how to nourish our wombs in synchronicity with the moon.
Mar, finance and purpose coach & creator of womb bowls, will lead us into sharing  our experiences in the paradox female journey.
Tosca, devotional singer, will lead us in the beauty of chanting.

Monthly Events

Full Moon in Pisces | Talk & Chanting Circle
with Margaret Rosania & Tosca Augustin 

Wednesday, September 7th | 18h | FREE Open to all

A moon to connect with the characteristics of Pisces. An opportunity to create a mystical bridge from the invisible with the tangible.

Pisces rules the 12th house, the house of shadows and spirituality, all which is subtle and can’t be perceived with our senses or the naked eye.

Ruled by Neptune, the one that diffuses boundaries, we might feel a fog-like confusion or find ourselves at times daydreaming or caught up in an illusion. Know that now is the time to look in your natal chart and identify which is the dimensions in your life that opens for you to have faith in an alchemical transformation.

108 Sun Salutations & Brunch
with Cauhe Motta & Daniela Geraldes 

Saturday, September 24th | 10h | 20€ plant based brunch

Join us for a special yoga session to celebrate the turning of the season.
The Fall Equinox, also called the Autumnal Equinox, offers a time to go within and ground before the onset of winter.

Flowing with a steady count and maintaining a rhythm, we will fortify our bodies with a dynamic detoxing class intended to vitalize our body mind connection via the repetition of the sun salutation.
Why 108? Traditionally, practicing 108 Sun Salutations is reserved for the change of the seasons.

Remember – the goal is 108, but always listen to your body. Whether you finish 34, 93 or 108 repetitions, it is the intent that counts. Make yoga a heart-centered practice, not an ego-based practice. If you need to take a break, you can take one!

Integrative Talks | Understanding the Mystery of Death
with Dr. Diego Carasco and Dr. Ines Egídio de Sousa

Wednesday, September 28th | 18h | FREE 

Finalizing and closing the cycle of life with quality care, comprehension from a medical approach, as well as a holistic approach. The importance of closure for the living and dying.

This talk is for all of those who are searching to gain proximity the beautiful mystery of dying.

Guest Events

A Kundalini Journey
with Ella Mesma, yoga teacher

Monday, September 12th | 18h | 2 hour class | 20€

Themed around the heart, this class will support you in releasing wounds of the past, connecting with the self through self love and blessing, and moving the energy in the lower chakras up so we can feel love in our hearts and experience connection with others.

Plant seeds for growth, expansion & abundance in this immersive Kundalini class for beginners. Kundalini is an ancient soul-nourishing practice which increases our physical vitality and expands our consciousness.

The practice is in itself meditative, whilst simultaneously strengthening the physical body, helping us to find peace in the present moment and occasionally comfort in the discomfort, Kundalini shifts us into a space of AWARENESS.

Bring: An optional headwrap and comfortable clothing
Expect: Some movement, dynamic breathing techniques and meditation