Intention Jewelry

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  • Foundation

    Developing our foundation means discovering our deepest desires and our soul’s purpose. 

  • Creation

    Manifestation of our intentions and trusting our ability to create and adapt – this is the moment that we align our thoughts with our actions.

  • Courage

    This is the courage we garner to take a leap toward our goals. It encompasses determination and willpower.

  • Compassion

    This is the development of empathy toward oneself and others. It is about creating the space to feel, to be present, and to love.

  • Vulnerability

    The release of fears and insecurities. Being vulnerable means verbalizing what we feel and living our truth, which enables us to be open and unapologetically who we are.

  • Optimism

    This is our ability to be visionaries. It means trusting our intuition and making the best out of every situation.

  • Unity

    The joy of choosing the present moment and truly experiencing a sense of connectedness with our surroundings; contentment and losing track of time.

  • Foundation Bracelet

    Foundation, our essence.

  • Creation Bracelet

    Creation, our divine force.

  • Vulnerability Bracelet

    Vulnerability, our source.

  • Unity Bracelet

    Unity, our power.

  • Sacred Feminine

    Beauty, Harmony and empowerment. This is the moment we feel safe and fully connected to our inuitive goodess within.