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“You are not a drop in an ocean, you are the entire ocean in one drop” - Rumi
We strongly believe in the power of synergistic work. It is in the union of sutil forces and defined objectives that we enhance our potential. Our heart rejoices to meet like-minded individuals who are committed to being of service to others and believe in the value of integrative practices.

Clinical Partnerships

Siendo art of BEING offers your patients diverse, complementary, safe, and non-pharmacological therapies in addition to the conventional medical care they receive. There is growing evidence that integrative medicine approaches can improve symptoms and, in some cases, directly affect physiology and disease course.

Adding integrative medicine to the healthcare routine of your patients can improve medical results and assist in achieving physical and mental health objectives.

Clínica Dentária Hugo Madeira

HMC is a dental clinic that approaches its patients with compassion, providing holistic care that takes into account their emotional needs before and after surgery. They use complementary therapies to reduce stress, alleviate symptoms, and support prompt recovery from oral treatments. HMC understands the importance of relaxation and tender care in promoting emotional balance and overall well-being.

Since 2019, Siendo has been making a difference one drop at a time.

Asymmetrical Longevity
Preventive Medicine Program

A preventive anti-aging health program that embraces you for who you are and thrives to support your uniqueness through wholesome practices and tools. All to make your epigenetics work in your favor to live a graceful, vibrant life.

Define the focus

Stress management, Sleep , Adjusting the biological age.

Lifestyle Plan

Tailored recommendations to slow down your aging rate and improve your health and wellness.

Additional Recommendations

For tests/labs, Biological age, DNA tests, Stress and B sleep test (First beat), or others.

Bespoke Complementary Plan

Regular Health Coach sessions, Siendo Bodywork therapies, Adjustments of your initial plan, Supplements, and Recommendations.

Corporate Programs

Health events and practices for institutions

Supporting employees in creating a sustainable lifestyle can be challenging. That is why we offer well-being solutions to help individuals make healthier lifestyle choices. Backed by evidence-based medicine and tested clinical protocols, these programs help break unhealthy habits and replace them with new, healthy ones. When employees become more accountable for their health and strive to become healthier, they are happier and more engaged in the workplace. This allows for a higher degree of efficiency, a greater level of commitment, increased harmony in the work environment, and more effective communication.

Workplace One Drop | Wellbeing assessments

Through our wellness assessments, our experts strategically create a wellness roadmap for organizations and build stakeholder buy-in. At Siendo, we guide employers toward culturally specific solutions that help them meet their wellness goals, tailored to meet each company’s unique needs.

Wellbeing culture consulting

Employers wanting to promote healthy, active lifestyles among their employees should consider Siendo’s One Drop program consulting. As it is essential to track progress, ongoing quantitative and qualitative program evaluations are set up. This helps us and the client determine if objectives are being met.
Active Clients: South, Stone, Redbridge school, Ministry of Light, Praia Irmão, Made of Light, CanLove.

Manifesting your talisman

Your stone | Your story

A Talisman is a symbol of protection, a symbol of revelations, a symbol of continuity, and a symbol of embodiment.

The talisman session provides the space for us to connect our electromagnetic fields for them to synchronize and in this union reveal your story, your stone, and the sacred geometry that holds the power of your ancestral lineage.

Once your talisman is crafted, you will receive a one-year lunar programming guide for you to consciously wire it to you and your spiritual purposes.

This session requires your day, time, and place of birth as well as your patience, since the timing for the stone and the revelations to come forward is not defined by us but by the field.

Each stone has its way of cleansing and charging. Some need water, others salt, smoke, or essential oils. For to keep them alive and healthy, it is important to learn how to care for them according to their characteristics and properties. When cleansing and charging them, be mindful that it is an act of devotional magic. Therefore, the receptacle is an important artifact in the act of programming stones.

Choose one that has this unique purpose.

Tailored Events

Inspire your community

Siendo creates culture-based events to assist workplaces in providing the opportunity to offer their employees and clients a space to gather, connect, and grow as a whole.
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Sharing events to inspire

Champaulimound Foundation | Breath work session

Breathing Workshop for CR Community

A Breathing Workshop donated by Siendo offers a time-efficient way to equip the health providers' employees with techniques to successfully deal with stress and burnout. Taking care of the ones that care for us. Perfect for staff development and team building.

WOOD woman | Conference

Celebrating International Women's Day

Women in leadership - What has changed and what still needs to be changed. Moreover, sharing knowledge of the Sacred Feminine and the spiritual power of the feminine, because often women in leadership develop masculine traits.

SLOW | Fiends of the farmer. Phytotherapy workshop

At the farm, uncover the hidden secrets of our fauna, learning how plants stimulate our memories, connect to our emotions, and impact our physical health. We’ll then co-create a bespoke mist spray blend of your therapeutic essential oil, to take home, integrating the healing qualities of aromatherapy.

Swiss Borg | Wellness day retreat

Taking the time to gather and fortify the bonds of the team and its leaders to ensure the wellness culture this digital nomad community shares. A day to connect with their senses, nourish their souls, and pause to rewire the mind.