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OUR time


Exclusive Retreats

Siendo is very excited to share with you one of our founder’s dreams. One to be a thread of experiences that we will be creating to provide the space and time for us to share our love for yoga and longing for vibrant health.

Siendo experiences intend to set the time in our calendars to prioritize our ME time to maintain equilibrium among our life roles and thrive to purify our vital energy.

Our perception of reality, our environment, is deterministic in our health and well-being. As we increase our awareness and widen the surface of our consciousness, we acquire the ability to self-heal through daily rituals that become our perspective of preventive self-care.

During our seven-day retreat, we will begin a cycle of pure connectedness with our senses while in a beautiful and inspiring setting.

Download the Japan PDF for more information.

Castello Ruspoli is situated in the medieval town of Vignanello, 70 km from Rome and a mere 18 km away from Viterbo, the second-largest city in the region of Lazio. Surrounded by vineyards, olive trees, and Italy’s largest producers of hazelnuts, the region, known as Tuscia, offers an extensive range of organic products.

Surrounded by blue waters and breathtaking sights, this exclusive Ionian island is a true inspiration to rewire and vitalize our souls. Skinos Bay is famed for its beautiful, clear waters. The pine trees frame the narrow single beach that stretches along the bay and continues over the mountains to the beautiful and wild beach of Yithaki. Ithaca's radiant beauty and timeless serenity have been famous since Homeric times.

JAPAN | May 23-31, 2025 | Wabi-Sabi Retreat

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