New Moon in Libra

Tuesday, October 6th | 18h | IG Live

with Margaret Rosania, Siendo Founder

The new moon in Libra is a moment in time where we may pause to observe our sense of justice, harmony and balance within us and in our relationships. Libra is the sign of equilibrium. It provides us an opportunity to asses how connected we are to the universal law of giving and receiving for us to establish a fair trade within this exchange. When in flow, it tunes us with the universal frequency of unconditional love and compassionate living.

Join us to understand how the astrological influences may aid us in having harmonious and functional relationships.

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YONI | steam. share. sing.

Wednesday, October 20th | 18h | 45€

with Margaret, Mar & Tosca

Women have worshiped the moon, their womb, their cycle and the sacred force of the feminine for centuries.

We have created this session with the intention to cultivate self love and nourish the sense of sisterhood through the ancient practice of vaginal steaming, open-tabooless communication and rejoicing with the power of our voice.

– Margaret, siendo founder, vaginal steaming facilitator and comsobiologist will guide us on how to nourish our wombs in sinconicity with the moon.
– Mar, finance and purpose coach & creator of womb bowls will lead us into sharing our experiences in the paradox female journey.
– Tosca, devotional singer will lead us in the beauty of chanting.

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Natural Facelift Masterclass

Tuesday, October 26th | 18h | 60€

with Paula Bravo, Multireflexologist

Using multi reflexology, we will learn a natural way to look beautifully relaxed, radiant and glowing while our entire body has been balanced.

With a mixture of different manual techniques applied to the face and neck and an essential oil synergy  specially created to restore and uplift our cells, it is possible to stimulate the skin in such a way that it improves and rejuvenates from the inside out, detoxifying, activating the circulation, cell renewal and the production of collagen in the deep layers.

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Yoga & Life Retreat | self love immersion

October 9th – 16th| Castello Ruspoli, Vignanello Italy SOLD OUT

pause. connect. rewire.

When we consciously choose to take the time to nourish and take care of ourselves, we honor our connection with nature and our human condition to love. Understanding that self knowledge is fundamental to know what our soul needs and the experiences we must live to thrive and cultivate healthy relationships, siendo explores for the right environment to provide a seven day tailored experience. One where a balance between inner work and free time is curated through a healthy routine and daily activities to inspire a sustainable lifestyle.

One week of daily yoga practice, self care practices and studies, wholesome plant based food, meditation and free time to integrate this valuable time you are dedicating to yourSELF.

Spaces are limited since que thrive to provide an intimate experience where each participant feels their individuality catered and cared for.

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Bach Flowers Level 1 & 2 | Training

Level 1 and Level 2 | Dates to be released

with Patricia Campbell, London based RPB

The Bach flower remedies work exclusively and directly on an emotional level, seeking to balance negative emotions and to empower us to support ourselves through difficult times in our lives and to help us to develop our positive strengths.

The remedies are perfectly safe for all the family to take and have been used throughout the world with great success by medics, complementary health practitioners and in families. In this training, ou will:

Become familiar with all 38 Bach Original Flower Remedies.
Learn how to make your own personal remedy.
When and how to use them in yours and your family’s daily lives.
Gain an insight into the history and philosophy of Dr Edward Bach.
They are simple to use and safe for all the family- including pets.

Open to all individuals searching for self-knowledge in emotional intelligence.

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Ashtanga Yoga | Practice & Workshop

Open for all levels | Dates to be released

with Dany Sá, Authorized Level 2 – Limited Spaces

A renowned Ashtanga teacher will be with us. Authorized level 2 by Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI) Mysore – India, currently directs the Ashtanga Yoga Rio school.

Date to be released | 6:30 – 10:00 AM | Mysore Practice
Date to be released | 7:00 – 8:30 AM | Led Class
Date to be released | 7:30 – 11:00 AM | Mysore Practice
Date to be released | 15:00 – 17:00 PM | Preparation for Lotus – hip openers
Date to be released | 7:30 – 11:00 AM | Mysore Practice
Date to be released | 15:00 – 17:00 PM | Opening the heart with backbends

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